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Obsidian® Fused to Metal Restorations

Obsidian Lithium Silicate Ceramic - New West Dental Ceramics

Obsidian® Lithium Silicate Ceramic Fused to Metal restorations are state-of-the-art PFMs for today’s clinician. Instead of traditional porcelain, these restorations press lithium silicate ceramic to metal, resulting in four times the fracture resistance of traditional feldspathic porcelains.

Obsidian Fused to Metal restorations use laser-sintered copings for increased accuracy, which helps limit cement washout and bacterial infiltration. These restorations received a one-year clinical performance rating of 99 percent from The Dental Advisor.*

*2016 Dental Advisor One-Year Recall study. THE DENTAL ADVISOR, 3110 West Liberty, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103, connect@dentaladvisor.com

Full-Cast Restorations

Full Cast Restorations - New West Dental Ceramics

Full-cast restorations are the standard for long-term durability of posterior crowns. We eliminate price variations due to crown size, giving you price predictability on the full range of full-cast gold products: Noble-Cast 45, Noble-Cast 60, Noble-Cast 67, OcclusalGold, JRVT®, white high noble and white noble restorations.

Each yellow gold alloy meets ADA specifications for either “noble gold” or “high noble gold” and exhibits a beautiful, rich color. Nobel-Cast 42, Noble-Cast 45, Noble-Cast 60 and Noble-Cast 67 are indicated for crowns or 3-unit bridges. Prescribe white noble, white high noble or OcclusalGold in combination with porcelain fused to metal bridges. Or choose JRVT for inlays, onlays and single-unit crowns.