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Need an Intraoral Scanner? Here’s Why We Recommend the Medit® i700®

Medit i700 intraoral scanner product image

Every year, more doctors are exploring the benefits of using an intraoral scanner. But with so many models available on the market, knowing which one is right for your practice can be a challenge. Whether you’re taking your first step toward a digital workflow or looking for an upgrade to your current device, here’s why the Medit® i700® makes a great addition to any practice.


The quality of a restoration is largely dependent on the quality of the scan. The more detail a scanner can detect, the more accurate the restoration will be. With sophisticated millimeter-wave wireless technology that captures up to 70 frames per second, the Medit i700 offers cutting-edge accuracy. The secret is in a high-speed camera at the tip that detects surfaces within 11 micrometers of accuracy, adding more vivid details to the virtual scan with every pass. Unwanted artifacts such as the tongue, cheeks, or gloves are automatically deleted from the scan thanks to integrated AI software that detects which colors or surfaces to ignore. The result is a full-color 3D image of the mouth with all the details needed to create a great restoration.

man with Meidt i700 intraoral scanner
The next generation of intraoral scanning technology builds on the success of the award-winning i500®.


The process of scanning a patient with the Medit i700 is remarkably fast, even for beginners. Unlike many other scanners that require you to follow a specific path in the mouth, with Medit you have the flexibility to scan however you prefer, since the software can piece together different parts of the oral region into a single scan. You can even stop scanning and pick up where you left off without having to retrace an area. This intuitive, user-friendly feature combined with the high-speed camera makes for a seamless scanning experience, allowing most full-arch scans to be completed in under a minute.


Another advantage of the Medit i700 is its small form and sleek design. At only 245 grams, the wand is one of the lightest dental scanners available on the market. It can be held in a pen-grip, feels comfortable in the hand, and all buttons are easy to reach. Further adding to its ergonomic design, the tips of the wand are reversible, making it easier to scan the posterior section of the mouth without causing discomfort to the patient. As a testament to the ingenuity behind its design, the i700 is powered by a single USB-C cable instead of the bulky power supply hub found in other scanners. This portability makes it easier to move the scanner between chairs when attending to multiple patients.

medit ortho simulation app image
The Medit i700 comes installed with a range of useful apps.


Included with the scanner is a suite of proprietary apps that can be helpful for a range of clinical situations. Ortho Simulator helps patients visualize potential results of an orthodontic treatment, while Smile Design shows the patient a realistic rendering of their future smile. Scan Filtering and Smart Coloring apps can help doctors make image adjustments when necessary. If you find digital lab models useful, the Medit Model Builder app will streamline the process in a just a few clicks.


The Medit i700 is already among the most affordable intraoral scanners on the market. But the true value is the potential long-term savings that come with using a scanner. New West offers discounts for doctors who submit impressions digitally using their scanner. Clinicians who use New West can save $9 on inbound shipping per case, $20 per unit on all-ceramic model-less restorations, and $40 per unit on custom abutments and screw-retained implant crowns. That’s a great return on your investment!

To learn more about digital dentistry, visit newwestlab.com/save-money.

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