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New West Expands Its Education Offerings to Include Webinars

Hollie Taylor and Dr. Diana Batoon promoting webinars

The Dental Compass blog was just the start for New West’s growing education initiative. Now, New West is expanding its educational resources by offering customers online webinars and continuing education units (CEUs).

Webinar Topics

There are four upcoming webinars at New West that focus on dental sleep medicine. Although considered “specialty dentistry” by some general dentists, dental sleep medicine is actually a valuable treatment to be able to offer your patients — many of whom may suffer from sleep-related breathing disorders (SRBDs) like snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Dr. Diana Batoon working with a patient during a procedure
Dental patients might not even know that their dentist can help treat SRBDs. When dentists take the initiative to screen for SRBDs, more patients can receive the treatment they so desperately need.

In fact, the American Dental Association (ADA) encourages dentists to screen patients for SRBDs as part of their comprehensive medical and dental history. If it’s recommended that we screen our patients and provide dental sleep medicine when needed, then why aren’t more dentists doing it? These four webinars tackle this question and others surrounding the screening, diagnosing and treatment of SRBDs.

  1. Introduction to Sleep and Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders

The first webinar will introduce the basics of dental sleep medicine in the dental practice. You’ll learn about the etiology of sleep disorders, how they relate to dentistry and how they effect both children and adults. The course will also help you adopt a workflow for addressing sleep disorders in your practice.

  1. Screening and Diagnosing Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders

The second webinar will show you how to develop a process and workflow for screening and diagnosing sleep disorders. Developing a workflow will also enable you and your team members to better understand your roles in the treatment of sleep disorders in your practice.

  1. PMAD Protocol: Provisional Mandibular Advancement Devices

The third webinar will review provisional mandibular advancement devices (PMADs) and their different materials and designs. New West currently offers five mandibular advancement devices. This course will teach you to recognize the clinical considerations that will help you select the best appliance for your patients.

  1. Occlusal Appliances: Protecting Teeth and Restorations from Bruxism

Lastly, the fourth webinar will offer a broader perspective of occlusal appliances. After the course, you’ll know when to prescribe an occlusal appliance, which one to prescribe, and how to incorporate them into your restorative workflow.

Webinar Speaker

The speaker for these four webinars is renowned dental sleep specialist Dr. Diana Batoon. She currently practices in Scottsdale, Arizona, and has over 25 years of experience under her belt. When asked why she wanted to speak at these four webinars, Dr. Batoon said, “I’m passionate about helping patients in my practice who suffer from SRBDs, and I want other dentists to be passionate about dental sleep medicine in their practices too.”

Dr. Diana Batoon testimonial

Dr. Batoon first got involved in dental sleep medicine many years ago when she took a course on the subject for continuing education units — much like the four webinars she’s conducting at New West. For her, the course served a professional and personal purpose in her life. She began to realize that her husband and son struggled with SRBDs and needed treatment. After learning more about dental sleep medicine and providing her family with the right treatment, Dr. Batoon realized how important it was to incorporate dental sleep medicine in the dental practice.

Today, she screens every patient for SRBDs. With the help of her team, Dr. Batoon made dental sleep medicine a standard offering in her practice, helping countless patients. The inclusion of dental sleep medicine also increased her practice revenue and brought in new patients whose dentists didn’t offer treatment for SRBDs. “I can’t wait to teach webinar attendees about the benefits of dental sleep medicine,” said Dr. Batoon. “It has completely changed the way I practice dentistry!”

Collection of sleep products
With five mandibular advancement devices available to prescribe through New West, dentists can choose which appliance works best for each patient.

The Future of New West Education

In addition to serving as a reliable dental lab, New West also serves as a reliable educational resource center for dentists. Due to an array of topics not often taught comprehensively in dental school, dentists need to trust that the new information they receive is trustworthy and supported by a variety of clinical experts in the field.

That’s why New West is proud to host these four webinars with Dr. Batoon on dental sleep medicine. Sign up for the upcoming webinars by clicking the “REGISTER” buttons below.


Date and Time

1. Introduction to Sleep and Sleep-related Breathing Disorders
(1 CEU)

Friday, March 31
11 a.m. Pacific

2. Screening and Diagnosing Sleep-related Breathing Disorders
(1 CEU)

Friday, April 14
11 a.m. Pacific

3. PMAD Protocol:
Provisional Mandibular Advancement Devices

(1 CEU)

Friday, April 28
11 a.m. Pacific

4. Occlusal Appliances:
Protecting Teeth and Restorations from Bruxism

(1 CEU)

Friday, May 12
11 a.m. Pacific

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about dental sleep medicine and earn up to four free CEUs. Sign up today!


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